”Youthful and Powerfulis an EVS Project which will be implemented with short term 30 volunteers between 01 November 2017 and 01 November 2019.

With this project we would like to increase the mobility opportunities of young people through involving them to EVS process. That’s why we aimed to include the young people with fewer opportunities to our project to increase the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in international youth projects.

The objectives of project:

– Strengthening the young people in Turkey

– To improve young people’s ability to perform activities in international level

– Providing competences for young people to increase the participation in CSOs in the regions

– Improving the quality of youth work in Turkey particularly Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia

The target group of the project is disadvantaged young people aged 18-30 who lives in Turkey. In the end of the project, it is expected that these young people will be socially and culturally developed and their employability will be increased.


Turkey Europe Foundation/Türkiye Avrupa Vakfı (TAV) will be coordinating and sending organisation.
The hosting organisations are:

EVEC from Macedonia
Inpro from Poland
Kobiety from Poland
Geoclube from Portugal
Multisport from Romania
Xeracion from Spain

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