The establishment and activities of Turkish-European Foundation was completed and an application was filed with the court for registration of the foundation.
Turkish European Foundation was formed with the participation of the directors of unions and non-governmental organizations and a large number of academicians, technical bureaucrats and politicians specialized in Turkish – European Union relations. Presidents of labor unions like Türk-Iş, DISK and Hak-Iş, presidents of professional associations like Turkish Union of Architect and Engineer Associations, Dentists Association, Association of Chambers of Pharmacologists and Union of Chambers of Veterinarians, people who are experts or academicians in the field of Turkish-European Union relations or their respective fields and some former ministers and members of parliament are in Turkish European foundation.
Retired Ambassador Ziya Müezzinoğlu, a former Minister of Finance, who has also served in Brussels for long years assumed the post of Foundation President.

It is expected that the legal procedures of the Foundation headquartered in Istanbul will be concluded in the upcoming days.

Announcement by Turkish-European Foundation Initiative Committee

The target of “Westernization” and the objective of reaching the “the level of contemporary civilization” which has been followed by Turkey for one hundred and fifty years, in a sense involves the adoption of the contemporary living standards and democratic social structures of the developed societies of the west and having them being experienced on Anatolian soil.

The logical result of this struggle and its direction of development are shaped in integration of Turkey with Europe and the European Union. Therefore, the basic policy Republic of Turkey has been following so far has progressed in line with the objective of integration with Europe.

Turkey wishes to take part in the process of integration with the European Union under the same conditions as European Union member societies and on the basis of equal relations.

Hence, Turkish-European Foundation seeks to contribute to the efforts in this direction as a non-governmental organization.

From Helsinki to the Present…

The Turkish-European Union relations, which have left behind a significant milestone with the Helsinki Summit of December 10-11, 1999, are stepping into a new phase with the “Accession Partnership Document” expected to be announced November 8, 2000. This document which serves as a roadmap prepared for Turkey by European Commission on the path leading to full membership will take its final form with the “National Action Plan” stipulated to be completed in the month of December; these developments are extremely important for Turkey.

The Path to European Union…

The integration of Turkey with European Union in all fields will gain a meaning with the resolve and effectiveness of the civil society and non-governmental organizations in this regard in addition to the efforts of the governments. Because, the struggle for contemporariness and the efforts for integration with the European Union are so important that they may not be left just to governments and politicians.

The path leading to the European Union requires our people’s adopting this integration with all segments of the society.

As a non-governmental organization, Turkish-European Foundation seeks to make every effort in this regard together with applicable agencies and organizations.

The opinions and evaluations and the philosophy of establishment of Turkish European Foundation set up for this purpose on the topics of Europe and European Union is described in the “Introduction”section of the Official Deed of the foundation. Furthermore, the list of Executive, Supervision and Consulting committees is given in the final rules of the official deed of the foundation.


Istanbul, 7 11. 2000