“Involve me, I will learn” is a long term EVS Project which will last 24 months and be implemented in Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey with 11 long term volunteers. In this project Turkey Europe Foundation has 3 roles as sending, hosting and coordinating organisation. The main activities will be between 01 June 2017 and 01 December 2018 for the volunteers from Turkey and between 1 April 2017 and 29 September 2017 for the volunteer from Croatia in Istanbul.

With this project we would like to increase the mobility opportunities of young people through involving them to EVS process. That’s why we aimed to include the young people with fewer opportunities to our project to increase the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in international youth projects.
With this project and also as an output of Take the Chance Program we run in Southeast and Eastern Anatolia, we want to support the young people’s active citizenship attitude.

Objectives of the Project:
– Strengthening the young people in Southeast and East Anatolia Region
– To improve young people’s ability to perform activities in international level
– Providing competences for young people to increase the participation in CSOs in the regions
– Improving the quality of youth work in Turkey particularly Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia
– To create a European community of pupils, teachers and parents in the territory of hosting countries and surrounding that will support the idea of social integration and professional development of adolescents
– To implement trainings and experiments about public interest in different problems cooperating with the local authorities
– To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the society in order to stimulate social cohesion in the European Union
– To encourage public participation in social life and to strengthen the links between local groups, schools, businesses and municipal authorities
– To stimulate youth involvement in the activities related to personal and social development
– To carry out active work for sustainable social development and democratic principles to promote civil society.
– To make activities and events to restore and improve the quality of the environment
– To improve the welfare of disabled people – their acceptance and socialization in their families, among peers, colleagues, friends and among the middle part of the community in which they live
– To provide an environment where the youth with disabilities will be involved in the activities for their future development
– To prohibit negative social phenomena’s spreading in the youth environment, such as: crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia and so on.

Our European Volunteery Service project will take place in Pazardjik (Bulgaria), TRAPPETO (Italy), Valladolid (Spain), Charbonnières les Bains (France) and Istanbul (Turkey).
One volunteer from Croatia will be hosted in Turkey for 6 months, between 1.4.2016-29.9.2016.
Volunteers from Turkey will go to those countries for 6 months:
1.6.2017-27.11.2017: 1 volunteer to Italy, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Spain
1.12.2017-27.5.2018: 1 volunteer to Italy, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Spain
1.6.2018-27.11.2018: 1 volunteer to Italy, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Spain
And 1 volunteer from Turkey will go to France for 10 months, between 1.4.2017-26.1.2018




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