I am an Active Citizen

“I am an Active Citizen!” is a short term EVS Project which will be implemented with 20 volunteers between 01 July 2017 and 01 July 2019.

To increase the capacity of the young people who have few opportunities in terms of economic, geographic, social, and cultural and education, particularly youngsters who are graduated from our Take the Chance program and the students from Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia region will be included to our project. We would like to support these disadvantaged young people in order to give space these youngsters to be heard their voice in this project within the scope of European Voluntary Service.

The young people, who will participate and implement voluntarily activities, are the disadvantaged young people who have not that much chance to access to this kind of opportunities. We want to contribute the social and personal development of these young people and improve them during the process.

The objectives of project:

– Promoting active citizenship of the young people in Turkey through volunteer activities

– Support the European and Global Citizenship of Young people

– Promoting the intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue among young people

The target group of the project is disadvantaged young people aged 18-30 who lives in Turkey. In the end of the project, it is expected that these young people will be socially and culturally developed and their employability will be increased.

Turkey Europe Foundation/Türkiye Avrupa Vakfı (TAV) will be coordinating and sending organisation.
The hosting organisations are:

APY from Armenia
Millenium from Moldova
Centre des Sureaux from France
ATCE from Romania
EVEC from Macedonia