City and Country: Manderfeld, Belgium

Name of the Sending Organisation: Turkey Europe Foundation (Türkiye Avrupa Vakfı)

Name of the Hosting & Coordinating Organisation: ‘St. Elisabeth-Haus’ (Belgian Red Cross)

Name of the Project: “Moderne Noahs Arche – ein Empfangszentrum für Asylbewerber”

Duration of the project: 12 months

Project starts: 1.5.2017

Project ends: 30.4.2018

The asylum centre ‘St. Elisabeth-Haus’ (Belgian Red Cross)in Manderfeld hosts up to 216 residents from different cultures, nationalities and religions. The mission of the Red Cross is the administration of the centre as well as the reception and the support of refugees in their difficult situation. It is the aim to provide a safe home to the residents during their asylum procedure. More than 20 staff members perform several duties to provide support for the residents; that is to say social and medical support as well as entertainment in addition to answering day to day queries.

We decided to participate in EVS in order to give young people the opportunity to give a hand in help with the current critical migration. By means of the EVS, we would like to give young people the opportunity to expand their intercultural horizon and to get to know the life of a refugee in a Belgian asylum centre as well as to interact with them, while providing support through this tough period. Our team has some experience in the reception of European volunteers.

Our partners and sending organisations for this project are British Red Cross and Turkey-Europe Foundation, which have a lot of experience in sending young people abroad within the EVS framework. The sending organisations and our centre will take care of all administrative and logistic steps in mutual agreement for the volunteers placement, and will make sure to arrange al predeparture training before the volunteer is to depart. Concerning the selection of the volunteers, one criterion is especially important:

The volunteers have to be open-minded regarding other people and foreign cultures. In addition, they should have a particular interest in the topics refuge, asylum, migration, conflict and education and pedagogy.

Our main objective by hosting an EVS project is primordially to increase the individual learning performance of the volunteer (knowledge, life experience, and attitude), employability, the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (implementation of personal projects), self-empowerment and self-esteem, foreign language competences (German and French), the intercultural awareness, and active participation in society (a lot of networking) as well as granting an inside look into the way the Red Cross handles situations of emergency. Furthermore, we would like to mention that the volunteers get a lot of space for their creativity. The volunteers will get in contact with principles and methodologies of acceptance, empathy, openness, etc. up to intercultural sensitiveness and communication, conflict and emotional management, and professional distance. Something we strongly believe that will build up their professional approaches to handling situations of emergency as well as preparing them for their future working career.

As the main objective of the centre is the support of asylum seekers, this is going to be the main task of the volunteers, i. e. they will perform determined duties in the basic daily work (provision of meals, distribution of bed linen and hygiene articles, reception service, etc.).

Furthermore, animations take place in and out of the centre where they may vary from activities involves sports, culture, language lessons, computer lessons, manufacturing or even long-term projects, in which the asylum seeker is strengthened their persona as well as their independence and autonomy.

The volunteers can take part in several activities regarding Red Cross training, as well as to have the possibility to become more active and implement their own projects and ideas. As at the end, what we really want from our volunteers is that they show real humanitz and a true will to carrying and helping others.


Financial Conditions of the Project:

– Accommodation and food will be covered by Project budget.

– Visa and residence permit cost will be covered by Project budget.

– Travel cost will be covered by Project budget.

– Pocket money will be provided from the Project budget: 115 Euro (per month)


Deadline to apply: 15 December 2016

How to apply: Please send your Europass CV and motivation letter written in English or French by e-mail to: Please write the subject of e-mail: “Belgium”.

Announcement of the results: Only candidates in short list will be informed via e-mail.

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