1- Take the Chance: http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1856

2- Take the Chance 2: http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1859

3- Empowering Youth with EVS! : http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1862

4- Change is a Chance: http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1865

5- Involve me, I will Learn: http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1868

6- Empowering Youth with EVS! – 2 http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1993

7- Moderne Noahs Arche – ein Empfangszentrum für Asylbewerber: http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=1938

8- Youthful and Powerful http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=2113

9- I am an Active Citizen http://turkiyeavrupavakfi.org/?page_id=2100

10- Youthful and Powerful 2

11- A Path From Local to Global 2



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