“Change is a Chance” is a short term EVS Project which will last 24 months and be implemented with 19 short term volunteers between 01 June 2017 and 01 June 2018.
To increase the capacity of the young people who have few opportunities in terms of economic, geographic, social, and cultural and education, particularly youngsters who are graduated from our Take the Chance program and the students from Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia region will be included to our project. We would like to support these disadvantaged young people in order to give space these youngsters to be heard their voice in this project within the scope of European Voluntary Service.
The young people, who will participate and implement voluntarily activities, are the disadvantaged young people who have not that much chance to access to this kind of opportunities. We want to contribute the social and personal development of these young people and improve them during the process.

Our project title describes our project philosophy. This is exactly our project priorities, exchanging the ideas, intercultural learning, supporting the self-learning process and youth participation. Moving in another country means learning and adjust the new knowledge to develop as a person and help the social development in your community. Through non formal activities our project will redefine the habits and the needs of youth in different countries underline the need to be active citizen and respect other cultures. The volunteers will be the example for the whole community as they will create events and implement various activities.
Moreover the two youngsters per period in different organisations and countries, so totaly 19 young people from Turkey will work on projects which aim to create a better life for youngsters, espeacially for those with fewer chances. This systematic work along with all the other activities of TAV and our partners are able to create a system of unofficial rules that will be adopted by the citizens and change the communites to a better way.
Furthermore through inter-cultural activities the volunteers will present their culture, and through daily life they will be integrated in the Europe. “Change is a Chance” has also another meaning as promotes the youth mobility as a tool for the personal development and social change.

Our European Volunteery Service project will take place in Pazardjik (Bulgaria), Poggiardo (Italy), Vrginmost (Croatia) and Noran (Spain). Volunteers from Turkey will go to those countries for 2 months:
1.6.2017-28.07.2017: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Croatia, 1 volunteer to Italy
1.8.2017-28.09.2017: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Croatia, 1 volunteer to Italy
1.10.2017-28.11.2017: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Italy
1.12.2017-29.1.2018: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria, 1 volunteer to Croatia, 1 volunteer to Italy
1.2.2017-29.3.2017: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Bulgaria
1.4.2018-28.5.2018: 1 volunteer to Spain, 1 volunteer to Croatia

Turkey Europe Foundation/Türkiye Avrupa Vakfı (TAV) will be coordinating and sending organisation. The hosting organisations are:
Association “Focus – European center for development” from Bulgaria,
Jump in from Italy,
Xeracion from Spain,
and Suncokret from Croatia.

The objectives of the projects:
– Promoting active citizenship of the young people in Turkey through volunteer activities
-Support the European and Global Citizenship of Young people
-Promoting the intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue among young people
The target group of the project is disadvantaged young people aged 18-30 who lives in Turkey. In the end of the project, it is expected that these young people will be socially and culturally developed and their employability will be increased.



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